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Ever changing and complex IT environment needs you to keep up with the pace to meet you end goals. Sueshine provides comprehensives array of Training curriculum, industry experts and experience, state of the art hands on Training facility and real-time tips as a part of Training service.

Sueshine in its mission to provide cost effective innovative Training services in latest software technologies has started online Training service which is accessible to one and all globally. Our online software Training program is designed to provide rich learning experience for students through our Live Interactive Environment which is accessible from the comfort of the home by internet.

Our online Training program is backed by a team of highly trained and competent IT experts with innovative ideas and dynamic actions.

Today, we are proud to invite clients and consultants to participate in the Sue Shine Way of Services:

Identify the context: Client requirements are always more complex than what is apparent. We take immense effort to understand the context of the client's requirement that helps gain a deeper understanding of the project, the team, and the culture of the company. This in turn empowers our team to think creatively about the candidates who could be the right fit for the project.

Recruit for purpose: The purpose of a project gives us a different viewpoint about the kind of person who would be the right fit for the project. Our team reaches into our wide network of prospective consultants to initiate a viral discussion. This leads us to new consultants who may not even be seeking change but could be the right candidate for our client.

Build a boomerang: As client projects evolve, our consultants pick up new skills and exposure, move on and up to other projects with an existing client or a new client, and expand their network. We take pains to keep our consultant network healthy and open, and many of them have repeatedly chosen to work with us, even while referring new consultants and projects. The boomerang effect has helped all of us grow—clients, consultants, company.

Advanced skill up-gradation sessions for professionals: