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Learning & Education

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In today’s IT world more than ever, corporate success depends on effective and well-executed training programs. Our goal is to train your employees to become more self-sufficient, more productive, and a greater asset to your organization and its goals.

Together Let’s grow
Sue Shine provides Corporate training to fresh entrants, junior, middle and senior management across different Healthcare, Finance&IT sectors. We build in our trainees the mindset to consistently develop and display leadership qualities in multi-cultural business environments and achieve personal goals of professional growth in line with the company vision they serve. In turn, corporate’s experience significant improvement in their human capital efficiency and recruitment quality and gain tangible success in retention strategies with exponential material benefit.

I.T. and Telecom

The demanding needs and preferences of consumers in the telecom industry have led to a faster churn-out of telecom products and services. But, factors like increasing competition, changing regulations, converging business boundaries, time-bound production schedules, and the time to market have prevented vendors from discerning exact client requirements.
While the industry has shifted from product-centric to consumer-centric operations, there still exists a gap between analyzing customers’ needs and modifying business processes to meet those unique needs. Business intelligence (BI) enables companies to make informed decisions based on available or mined data existing in different networks. We at Sue Shine Inc, can assist telecom vendors in managing data revolving around consumers, through comprehensive BI and Data Warehousing (DW) solutions.


Pharmaceutical industry is an evergreen sector as it rarely faces the recession blues. In the last few years, the pharma sector has grown by leaps and bounds. The ever advancing pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields require some exceptional staff to keep these cutting-edge industries moving forward.

Sue shine’s detailed; sometimes intense vetting process allows us to provide such out-of-the-ordinary talent to some of the largest drug, biotech and related life sciences companies.
First, after dozens of resumes are reviewed, a Sue Shine technical recruiter and account manager each have in-depth discussions with the better candidates to make sure that they are in fact a good fit. Then we conduct a technical interview, check references, and discuss our primary candidates with the client company.
At Sue Shine, we are proud of what we call our very strong Recruiting Engine. Mainly deals with Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Trails, Lab Technician, R&D, Healthcare, Bio-Medical& Validation Engineer.


Healthcare companies are balancing the quality and cost of care while serving a rapidly aging population and rising healthcare costs. At the same time, those firms are facing escalating competition, the feared patent cliff for many blockbuster drugs, and changing regulations and standards.

Sue Shine works with many of the leading healthcare organizations to help them proactively manage their business through the use of information, data, and technology.In fact, our enabled services support over thousands of organizations within the sector, enabling them to rapidly and cost-effectively adjust to dynamic market and regulatory demands.

Finance & Banking

Rising to the challenge to bring you the very best.

In an increasingly competitive industry your company requires the very best to remain agile in the market place. Our global reach and vast experience of tracking down the right candidates means that you can rest assured of recruiting financial professionals of the highest caliber.
From Financial Analysts to Operations Managers, there is no requirement we cannot fulfill:-
Financial Analysts, Business / Functional Analysts, Corporate Accountants, Budget & Cost Analysts, Operations Manager / Analysts, Tax & Audit Analysts, HR / Payroll Specialists


We have the domain experience and the technological depth to address a range of challenges that the manufacturing industries face. Our team of experts has helped many leading global manufacturing companies leverage IT to optimize their production processes and integrate operational requirements with enterprise-level decision-making.

To maintain a competitive edge in this increasingly complex environment, manufacturers today have to look beyond traditional means towards creating new value chains which encourage collaboration, reduce overheads and liabilities, expedite products to market, and understand which products their targeted markets desire.

Our manufacturing solutions include:
• Innovative supply chain solution
• Enterprise integration solution
• Enterprise resource planning solution
• Engineering design services


Retail companies operate in environments that are highly dynamic with new challenges and opportunities emerging constantly. Retailers need to provide their customers with new ways to interact and shop, while at the same time meeting the abiding challenges of the business: winning consumers while driving down costs.
We understand that retailers must constantly innovate in order to meet the changing consumer demands and to compete globally.

Our services:
• Multi-channel Retailing
• Mobility in Retail
• Inventory Management
• Digital Consumers
• Virtual Retailing

Social Media & Seo

The Internet is a large open body of information that is constantly growing and evolving. Every day new channels are created that changes the way we interact with people, whether it be for social or business. With these growing changes, many opportunities arise and make it near impossible for you as an individual or business owner, to know exactly which avenue is the right one to travel down for your business.
An online marketing and web strategy consists of understanding the correct resources, tools, and solutions, to get the most out of your online presence. Whether you are a mom and pop shop, an educational institution, or a church, your marketing strategy should be constantly changing to meet the needs of your audience.

Our services:
• Multi-channel Retailing
• Mobility in Retail
• Inventory Management
• Digital Consumers
• Virtual Retailing